Friday, July 31, 2015

The Awakening

I have a new digital painting today, it is the same girl that I showed a progress shot of last week. I turned her into a zombie. In my opinion, she looks fierce I love her =D

This is actually my first zombie I have created since 2012 that is so weird but it is also because I am terrified of zombies. I kid you not, a person that loves to draw creepy things is afraid of something lol.

I actually was never afraid of them till the movie from 2004 came out Dawn of the Dead. It was mainly because of the little girl that freaked me out so bad that now I am so scared of them that I can't watch anything with them in it... Till The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead I watch just because I am trying to unscare myself. However I still run from the room when it gets to bad. One or two maybe a handful of zombies are ok but when you get a horde nope, I'm out lol

Enough rambling here she is...

The Awakening

Isn't she awesome =D

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