Friday, July 10, 2015

Can't Sleep

Meh! I can't fall asleep I tried laying down since 12:30 this morning and finally decided to just get up and work, not to mention I have a huge headache which I think it is time to get a new pillow.

Yesterday Matt and I went out to eat and then we went and seen Inside Out in the theaters, omg that is such a cute movie =D Once again Pixar and Disney made me cry and in public lol (thank goodness it was dark)

A couple of days ago I finished a new image of Ellie which I will be posting everywhere today. I needed a new image for twitter for the comic, which by the way you guys can follow that as well here (

Right now I am working on a new mermaid piece which I don't have a name for it yet but of course Shark Week helped me out on this piece though hehehe. This piece features Australian Ghost Sharks that I have never heard of till this week and they are the cutest things ever. I think these guys are in my list of favorite sharks.

Here is a list of my favorite sharks

1.) Angel Sharks
2.) Whale Sharks
3.) Caribbean Reef Sharks
4.) Leopard Sharks
5.) Nurse Sharks
6.) Hammer Head Sharks
7.) Mega Mouth Sharks
8.) Basking Sharks
9.) Spotted Smooth Hound Sharks
And now 
10.) Australian Ghost Sharks

I am hoping to finish this piece sometime today that is the key word hoping =D

Here is a sketch of the image, of course it needs a lot of work but that is why I draw first then I do digital to get all the kinks out. Don't ask what the heck happened to her hands lol and of course this could change between now and when I am done with the outline.

I have no clue what I'm going to be doing in the background yet hence the reason why I put a skull there and seaweed. I will eventually come up with something.

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