Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shark Week!!!

Best week of the year (other than Halloween) I love shark week and usually I just plant myself in front of the tv for the whole week and draw. However I can't this year with the new webcomic and a secret project I am doing with the love of my live Matt really don't have the time =(. I will though record most of the shows so I can watch them later at night.

Lets see what else is new... Oh yes, yesterday was the 4th of July and guess what I did I hurt the same ankle I hurt back in December smh, I swear I am destined to break it in my life time. Thank gooodness I haven't broken any bones in my 33 years of existence on this planet specially with playing so many sports and a semi accident prone/klutz. Thankfully it is better today so no worries but I am sure it will bite me in my butt down the road =/

Last night instead of watching the fireworks Matt and I decided to watch a movie. We watched Home omg that is such a cute movie. Yes I cried and laughed so if you haven't seen it I recommend you guys do =D

I have to upload some digi/coloring images up on my Etsy shop then, it is time to make dinner and maybe watch some shark week hopefully =D

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