Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Monday June 29th (there is a reason why I am putting a date on this just keep reading) Matt and I went to Hobby Lobby to get some acrylic paints so I can work on trying to re teach myself on how to paint. I will say this I hate Hobby Lobby but unfortunately my favorite craft store Michael's is an hour away from were we live =( and this Joann's that is near us they are right next to Hobby Lobby only has fabric and little stuff here and there =/

Anyways you will not believe what they (Hobby Lobby) had up, they had freaking Christmas and Fall stuff up. It wasn't even July yet and they had that stuff up and of course they don't put up the Halloween stuff till August I swear no one gives Halloween a chance (my favorite holiday and I only get to see it for less then 2 months ='( )

I will say this though seeing that stuff is making me really want to paint some Halloween/Fall stuff so bad. I might actually do that after these next paintings that I have already in the works.

Which reminds me this is the reason why I am writing in the first place but that little rant on no one gives Halloween a chance =( sort of just snicked up on me lol. I have a work in progress on my next digital painting

I am calling this painting Star Catching she is such a cutie but of course has that creepiness feeling to her. Her dress even has little skulls all over it. I should have her done some time today hopefully =D

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