Monday, July 13, 2015

New Character!!!

Another sleepless night grrrr! So instead I started creating and madly have fallen in love with this new character I drew.

Lately I have been playing around of getting back into painting with acrylics but since i'm so rusty (last time I painted in acrylics was back in February/March 2010) I wanted to start a little easier. Instead of jumping right in with my girls because of how difficult they will be because of all the colors, I created a new character along with her companions She has a whole story behind her but for now you guys will just have to settle with the wip shot of her.

This of course is a digital painting of her and it is called Voodoo Girl

I am so in love with her. I thought since I started my art career with voodoo dolls I might as well begin again with acrylics and she is perfect =D

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