Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Small Update

Its been a few days now since I last wrote so I thought I would show you what I am working on, other than Creepie Ellie of course. I can't show that just yet, can you believe there is only 38 days left YIKES!!!! So much to do still on that, I did do a muck up of the layout omg that's a relief in a half off my mind now. It looks great and I already have 3 fully done and 2 drawn so at least I have some to show =D

Enough of Ellie now on to a work in progress shot of my next creepie cuties. I am not sure what the name of her is yet so right now I am just calling her Voodoo Queen. This Cutie is looking for revenge and voodoo is her game =D

Here is the wip shot

I should be done with her in the next day or so, right now I am working on the outline and which I'm almost done with.

Ok back to work I go =D

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