Friday, September 4, 2015


I finally got that image I drew and showed off last time I wrote and I am calling her Revenge. S\he wants to get revenge on the person that broke her heart, I am assuming, or she just likes to play with voodoo dolls.

I actually did this image for a collaboration with Mystical Scraps the company I am signed with for my images to be tubes. The theme was called Heart of Darkness so what is my favorite symbol of revenge voodoo dolls =D Thanks to my wonderful Matty for giving me the idea =D

Here is Revenge

Isn't she awesome =D

Speaking of tubes I have some more up on their site now there is a total of 15 images and even my most recent ones are up there =D

Check them out here Mystical Scraps

I also have been working on Creepie Ellie, of course =D We are down to the wire now and still lots to do. but I am confident that it will all come together in the end. Only 27 more days till the launch date!!!!

I did an image to put up on my Tapastic page which the comic will make its debut there on the 2nd of October and the following week that image will be up on the site so Tapastic will always be ahead 1 week than the website.

Click here to see the page and why don't you join, it is free and you can also read tons more awesome webcomics. Don't forget to hit subscribe on my page though so you won't miss any updates =D

Now I need to go get some food starving here and I am going to be pulling an all nighter so definitely need some fuel to keep me going

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