Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Moon Fairy!

Oh boy this new digital painting of my Moon Fairy is so cute and of course has a touch of creepieness to it (yes I know that is not how you spell creepiness, but in my world it does) See I can do that since it's my world =D

I'm done stalling here is the new Moon Fairy

Like I said in the last post, my old Moon Fairy is still my most popular image to date, and I wanted to upgrade it to see how far I have come. Here is a side by side comparison the old Moon Fairy was done in July of 2010 and of course the new Moon Fairy was just done this week/today. (Yes I know they are not the same image but it is the same concept)

It just goes to show you if you have a dream keep at it ;)

I know some of you guys that read this blog are from storybird, I just want to let you know I tried uploading it but it seems they are having difficulties. I wrote them to find out how to resolve this issue but it also seems they are going to go down for a couple of hours tonight. Either way as soon as I can find out what is wrong I will upload it for you guys =D

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