Sunday, August 16, 2015

Image Tubes

This post might not be interest of some but for others it might, I have some great news!!! I just signed a contract for my images to become tubes.

This post is specifically for those of you folks who are online image/graphics hobbyists - makers of tubes, signature tags, websets, members of the groups for PSP and other image/graphics groups. If you don't know what that means or what the heck I'm talking about, lol, - just ignore the rest of this entry, hehe.

I have a "No-no"/'Hands Off!" policy when it comes to my images the only way I allow people to use my images for fun (no profit) is through companies that specialize in these areas. So the other day I signed on with Mystical Scraps for you guys to use. Please follow the rules and have fun. These are licensed images.

Mystical Scraps is a fabulous company that creates tubes from artists' works they have officially licensed, and they create packs/single images of tubed art for purchase for online tag hobbyists. The tubes may be bought for a small, onetime fee, and downloaded directly from their site. Once purchased, you have lifetime permission so long as you follow their terms and don't use the art for profit. This is the ONLY usage I allow of my artwork for tubes, tags, and other alterations. I have 1 image up so far Abigail and more to come soon Click below to see:  

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