Monday, August 17, 2015

Halloween Store

Today was the day I've been looking forward to since November of last year, when the best Halloween store would open.

Everyone that knows me knows that I am majorly obsessed of Halloween (and I have no clue why or how and when it started) but I can't get enough of it. Ok maybe I do know when it started, it started the year that I started creating my Creepie Cuties or at least that is what I remember anyways

Anyways I have been stalking Spirit Halloween since I saw the sign go up in our city a month or so ago and been patiently or more like foaming at the mouth till the day came when they opened. Let me tell you it was the biggest disappoint I have ever had with Spirit store. When I walked out I wanted to cry because I needed my Halloween fix.

The stuff they had was the cheapest made and look I have ever seen and with such a high price. The dollar store usually carries this type of stuff, top of all that since it was a small store it was more costumes then anything else. Which is fine since that is how they make most of their money but come on the decorations for the price they want should be a better quality.

So we had to go to a tech store to pick me up a cord for my tablet I swear I go through those like people would go through underwear. This is the 3rd time I had to replace my cord in the past year.

Well we also stopped by Hobby Lobby's just to see if they got their Halloween stuff in (when we went the last time they only had fall and of course Christmas stuff out) They normally put the Halloween stuff out closer to the middle/end of August.

Lets just say I was really impressed and I got my Halloween fix. This year was actually great stuff its not scary/creepy stuff but it is more kooky and whimsical that I like and started incorporating into my girls think more Haunting, Star Catching and Moon Fairy.

Ok I talked enough lets see what else is new... not much is new other than sending in my images to the imaging tube company that I signed with the other day. They did had a couple more new images so go check them out. There is 8 total images all my old ones but goodies are on there more to come soon.

Creepie Cuties at Mystical Scraps

Other than that still working on Ellie stuff and starting to draw a couple more Creepie Cuties for this week =D

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