Saturday, February 21, 2015

Website in the Works

Oh my! I am writing again, I am trying to keep this going so we will see how well I will do. 

I haven't been around for the past couple of days do to the fact I am working on Creepie Cuties website/personal site. Its boring at times but also very exciting to work on a website that is actually based around your work. The hard part is trying to get everything on it and make it look good. After I finally created a Creepie Cuties logo that  I am actually in love with surprisingly the layout is coming along very easy. Who knew a logo can help bring out the creative in you.

For years and you can even check out Little Bit Creepie site I have such a hard time coming up with any layout or logo that I am in love with. It's mainly do to the fact this has my name on it so of course I want it to be perfect (even though in my world nothing is perfect just like it should be) but still.

I better get off and start working on the site more I just wanted to drop in and update to make sure I won't let this blog go. byebye!

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