Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Creepie Cuties Is Back!!!

Lets give this blog thing a shot and hopefully I will keep it going this time. I've had many blogs and never kept them and it even includes Creepie Cuties a long time ago.

I'm back now and ready to show the world the dark little cuties that come out of my mind. You will see digital paintings, acrylic paintings and comics that I create and other things that I can't mention just yet. For that you will have to keep coming back to see what I have up my striped sleeve.

A little bit about me I am the artist and creator of all this dark, creepy, spooky but yet cute art that you see here. I also do comics which is one of my projects that put Creepie Cuties on hold for awhile up till now.

You can see the comic which is on hiatus for awhile (more on this later) called Little Bit Creepie

Well I guess that is it from me for today

Have a wonderful and creepie day everyone =D

Till Next Time
Kris & the Creepie Ones

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