Friday, October 2, 2015

Creepie Ellie

I can't believe I haven't written in over a month so sorry about that, but I do have a great excuse I was really busy getting Creepie Ellie for her launch date.

Which brings me to this, finally after 5 months of preparation Creepie Ellie comic is now live. That is right no more waiting. You can check it out at tapastic by clicking that banner.

I haven't got the site up yet but that will happen next week since it is going to be a week behind tapastic but at least if you don't like tapastic or want more info on Ellie etc you can go to the main site when it is up.

Here is also a little snip it of what Ellie is about

I am expected to go into the family business when it is my time, which to most people, that is fine. Though, when your father is Death himself, it can be a little grim. This is my story!!!

It will update every Friday

Let me know what you guys think on the comic either here, facebook, twitter, g+ or on tapastic

I will have a Halloween piece for Creepie Cuties by the end of this weekend =D

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