Thursday, October 8, 2015


This post is all about my oldest girl cat that I found 13 years ago in a field next to our house. It was a a nice warm afternoon in October Its funny my mom said Kris what is that out in the field it looks like a small squirrel. I went out there to see and it turned out to be a kitten of 4 weeks old that was abandon. I went and did the kissing sound to get its attention and she came running right to me. I picked her up and she kissed me and the rest is history, I knew I had to keep her.That night we had Kentucky fried chicken and she seriously stole 2 pieces of chicken off my plate and ate it.

It's funny how you can remember something so specific like that, it makes you want to laugh just the way she acted like that that day.

And now I feel so numb and lost it hurt so bad but the numbing feeling won't numb the pain. I found my baby dead under our bed a couple of hours ago. There was no sign she was sick or in pain or anything. She was fine yesterday and now my precious baby is gone =( Rest In Peace my baby girl I love you and miss you so much. You left a paw print on my heart and it will be there forever.

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