Thursday, January 7, 2016

I'm Still Here!!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!!!!

I still can't believe how fast last year went by, but now we are in a new year with new projects.

I know I haven't written in over a month but with the holidays and yes once again I got sick. This first time ever that I got sick 4 times in one year, blah! I got sick on November 30th for a week then on my birthday December 10th I got sick and still recovering from it. Matt and I both got sick and we actually missed Christmas for the first time as well with the family.

So you guessed it not much art as been going on other than I am dabbling back in the strangelings. I have so far created 3 pieces and working on a Valentine's Day piece now.

Here are the 3 pieces of the Strangelings so far

Other than that this year I am planning on creating more Creepie Cuties, more comics of Creepie Ellie and Little Bit Creepie and more art of Little Bit Creepie / Strangelings. I am also planning on finally setting up a shop and selling art prints and then some, once I get my sites up and running that is. Which is taking forever but my now husband (still can't believe we are married) has huge projects looming and need to get those done first.

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