Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Long Time

It has been a very long time since I wrote and boy has a lot of things happened since I did last write. Lets see where to begin...

Oh yes the vacation - I had a wonderful time not to mention Matt and I did something that I thought we would never do but you can't pass up this experience. After 15 1/2 years being together October 30th, Matt and I eloped in Savannah, Georgia in a cemetery. That's right in a cemetery, omg we got married in a cemetery, it was so awesome. The cemetery is a historical cemetery and believe it or not a lot of weddings actually happen there. The name of the cemetery is called Bonaventure and it was a beautiful and breathtaking place, loved the big trees with moss dangling down from them. I will show pictures in the next couple of posts.

Still on the vacation part - the ocean was just amazing still can't believe we got to go swimming in October. Other than that we just enjoyed staying on Tybee Island and looked at all the shops we didn't get to do all the Halloween things we planed but it was still an amazing trip.

Other than that I finally got my licence back after so many years (4 1/2 to be exact) absence in my wallet and no it is not what you think ;) See what happened my licence expired the same year we moved down here in Ohio from Michigan. When it expired I had got really sick like a semi truck hit me then backed itself on top of me then a heard of elephants ran over me. Yes that bad! and by the time I got over the whole sickness 6 months has passed and because it expired and I was from out of state I had to take a road test and the written test again in my life. Which I basically said forget it Matt drives most of the time anyways why do I need it.

Well Matt's uncle passed last year and we needed to go back to Michigan and neither of us had valid licence since his expired 6 months prior as well I decided I will get mine back. Which I should of just waited till we got back to Michigan like Matt did since they didn't care when they expired and I wouldn't have to do all the tests. But stupid me did it in Ohio and they took my Michigan licence so I had no choice. Anyways we needed extra drivers for the trip and I set a date for my driving test (I passed the written when Matt's uncle passed so all that was left was the driving portion and I had a full year to do that in) Anyways the day had come and my nerves got the best of me I passed the driving test but the maneuver test not so much needless to say I didn't get them that time. So I set another time after we came back from Georgia on the 3rd again the damn nerves got me and failed the maneuver test (which all I had to do since I passed the driving portion)

However on the 3rd time I finally did it!!!! I told myself I can do this you done it before and don't be like spongebob lol. My nerves get really bad to the point I sike myself out so bad that I actually get physically ill. In other words don't let your license expire take it from me don't be 33 years old and doing a test that 16-18 year old are doing its a little embarrassing =P

Well that is all for now rest assure I am creating new art once again after so many weeks and I will show them off very soon =D

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