Friday, February 5, 2016

New Art Work!!!

I have 2 new paintings to show off today a Creepie Cutie and a Strangeling. I actually finished this creepie cutie that is for Valentine's Day (but of course can be for any day) about 2 weeks ago. I actually forgot that I never posted her here, I've been so busy working on getting up the strangelings website that it is tiring but so going to be worth it in the end =D

Ok on to the new art work

Here is the first Creepie Cuties this year and since September of last year, I will not let that long of an absence happen again with the Cuties I promise.

I call her Mended Heart

Next is the strangelings painting called 'Strange Madness' This painting took me over a week to complete the longest painting to date.


Well that is about it that is new, I am working on a new Creepie Cutie painting and it is the 2nd in the series of Voodoo Girls if you remember her this one I am thinking will be blue and grey we will see.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone =D

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