Monday, May 18, 2015


I never realized how much I miss making comics. It has been almost a year (August 2014) since I last touched my web comic Little Bit Creepie.

And now that I am creating a new character for this new comic idea it feels great to be back =D

I never thought of seeing myself being a comic artist it just happened sort of happened actually. I was creating these voodoo doll like creatures called strangelings in digital and acrylic paintings and I wanted to do more with them and bring them out into the world in other ways. Well my boyfriend Matt suggested why not create a comic with them and the rest is history.

I started creating the characters and story lines back in August of 2010 and started releasing pages in May of 2011. Through out the years it felt like I was writing the same story over and over but with different scenes and in the back of my mind I kept thinking this story line can be better and that is when I finally said enough and put my web comic on hiatus till I can create a better comic for myself and for the fans of the comic.

So that brings me back to my new comic idea it started playing in my mind about a week ago and hasn't left so here I am now creating the main character. More details will come when I am close to showing it off.

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