Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lost Soul

Here she is my latest digital painting called Lost Soul. She is my favorite as of today, I can't believe how cute but yet creepy she is =D

Lost Soul

Now on to the next agenda, I am going to be working on my site non stop till it is done. I want to start adding prints to my site since a lot of people have been asking for them specially of my last painting Celtic Grave.

Oh also I want to thank everyone that has liked my facebook page I finally go to name it instead of being a bunch of numbers =D If you haven't liked Creepie Cuties on facebook do so I add work in progress shots on there among other things. 

Since your following things go like my twitter as well since again I add wip shots there as well and again among other things.

And one more to follow, my instagram here you can actually see all my drawings I draw and my life in pictures (I just mainly started this one so there is just one pic on there but soon to change)

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